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Real life Tree

January 2015





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Sep. 29th, 2012

L&O CI Goren Eames

We were born to run

Color Me ChallengeCollapse )

Sep. 24th, 2012

L&O CI Goren Eames

I quit I fold I'm done

tvholics is a brand new land comm based in TV fandom; any television show past or present is welcome! Apply HERE for one of the 3 teams; Slap Kiss (tv_slapkiss), Catchphrase (tv_catchphrase), or Fourth Wall (tv_fourthwall).

Get sorted by September 30th! Our first phase begins October 1st!

tvholics! tvholics! tvholics!

In case you're not sure which team to request I am on the Fourthwall!

Sep. 19th, 2012

Christy Neil Christy

I'll love you only

Claim: New Girl season 1
For: season20in20

the restCollapse )

Sep. 1st, 2012

Christy Neil Christy

Here now waiting

If you enjoy making graphics of all sorts! If you love land communties!

Aug. 19th, 2012

Doctor Who Brig

It's Never Been So Clear

I decided to rate each episode of Doctor Who. Why? The better question should be why not? I went with my gut reaction, meaning in two weeks or hell even two minutes I could go well... I think that should be higher! Nope, not gonna second guess myself. The Christmas Specials were a tad tricky so I sort of cheated and listed them as the "first episode" of the series the immediately followed it's airing.

1: Hate
2: Dislike
3: Decent
4: Like
5: Love

The Numbers. The Scores.Collapse )

Jun. 4th, 2012

Christy Neil Christy

Keeping In Check / Boys Can Never Be Girls

Title: Keeping In Check
Prompt: Traditions
Bonus? Yes
Word Count: 515
Rating: PG-13
Original/Fandom: Original
Pairings (if any) N/A
Warnings (Non-Con/Dub-Con etc): Mention of death
Summary: An associate has died and somebody assumes she shouldn't feel anything

....Collapse )

Title: Boys Can Never Be Girls
Prompt: Time for a change
Bonus? No
Word Count: 35 (Butterfly cinquain)
Rating: PG
Original/Fandom: Original
Pairings (if any) N/A
Warnings (Non-Con/Dub-Con etc): None
Summary: A boy just wants to have some fun

....Collapse )

May. 25th, 2012

Doctor Who Brig

Shorter hours longer lunches

For: landofart
Challenge: So That's Your Favorite TV Show

.....Collapse )

Feb. 18th, 2012

Mary Poppins Stubborn

iCarly Icons

For: season20in20
Claim: iCarly Season 4

The whole setCollapse )

Jan. 10th, 2012

Real life Grandfather

A Pimp

Calling All Writers! Original! Fan Fiction! Poetry!

It's a lot of fun and helps keep the creativity flowing.

Dec. 15th, 2011

Medium Joe Alison

I'm on the edge

My Bingo for tvrealm. I did columns two and four.
Fandoms used in order are: The Tudors, Law & Order, Zeke And Luther, X-Files, Lemonade Mouth, Doctor Who, MASH, Good Morning Miss Bliss, Doctor Who, and New Girl
Includes: Wallpaper (x6), Icons (x2), Picspam (x2), and a Header

It's where my mind wentCollapse )

Nov. 16th, 2011

Torchwood Owen

My woman from Tokyo

For: tvrealm Dance Party Challenge.
Fandom used: New Girl.

ImageCollapse )

Oct. 28th, 2011

Real life Tree

(no subject)

395x395 to 790x790
brightness/contrast -20/-40
lightness 15
darken shadows
fogy blue
brightness/contrast -10/5
tilt 50/50
vig 65

20. Grace Holloway
19. Jo Grant
18. Adric
17. Ace
16. Zoe Heriot
15. Harry Sullivan
14. Romana I
13. Susan Foreman
12. River Song
11. Jamie McCrimmon
10. Tegan Jovanka
9. Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart
8. Rory Williams
7. Donna Noble
6. Barbara Wright
5. Amy Pond
4. Wilfred Mott
3. Rose Tyler
2. Sarah Jane Smith
1. Ian Chesterton

Oct. 21st, 2011

L&O CI Zack

Do it.

Mary Poppins Stubborn

It covers it all up.

The Big One for fantasyverse. Guidelines was create/make anything showing ten hours of work. However to be honest this is 430 minutes of work (7 hours and 10 minutes). Oh well!

Please enjoy.

All over the map.Collapse )

Oct. 18th, 2011

Parenthood Joel Julia

Orange Alert

Yippee! I found a challenge in which to use Parenthood. For the tvrealm challenge Happy Halloween

Picspam found hereCollapse )

Oct. 14th, 2011

Parenthood Joel Julia

Seven Sins that are deadly

My Seven Deadly Sins entry for tvrealm. I used a different fandom for each sin.

7777777Collapse )

Oct. 8th, 2011

Comminity Troy

Season 20in20 (R.13)

For: season20in20
Subject: Community Season 2

......Collapse )
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Sep. 30th, 2011

So Weird Fiona

Strange Love Dead Hear

For: fantasyverse
Challenge: Create a Fan-Mix
Fandom: So Weird

Under HereCollapse )

Sep. 28th, 2011

Christy Neil Christy

...16 years later

Book Casting. Or in this case Book Re-Casting. For fandomverse. I went with Christy writen by Catherine Marshall.

EnjoyCollapse )

Sep. 22nd, 2011

Doctor Who K-9

Life Ruiner

For the tvrealm challenge Life Ruiner.

Image heavy.

3 spams this wayCollapse )

Sep. 11th, 2011

Medium Joe Alison

Claims their unlimited

I am not the greatest football fan... American Football that is. But I like it well enough. I'll watch some games, get excited when my teams do well, more than anything I enjoy Fantasy Football. I'll listen just for names of my players and be like "Oh! I got him. Go!" Or if he did something stupid my reaction is a bit less kind LOL.

Go Psycho Penguins!Collapse )

Sep. 10th, 2011

L&O CI Zack

When are you going to start?

1. Reply to this post with 'hit me!', and I will pick five of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon glee. TELL ME ABOUT YOUR ICONSES.

averzierlia picked these five

Daniel Jackson is my favorite character on Stargate SG-1 and I especially enjoy Michael Shanks acting. I think his abilties shine best when he's playing insane/crazy; which he was in this episode "Legacy."

Jayne Cobb from Firefly, I quite like his character. Is he my favorite...I'm not sure LOL. I was just playing around with different colors and made a yellow set.

It's the 10th Doctor! Looking fine and rather damper!

I loved the scene in "Fear Her" in which the Doctor tries to get the girl to open up and does the Star Trek Vulcan salute. It combines two of my loves Trek and Who.

My name. Moving on a sign.
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Sep. 9th, 2011

Real life Tree


Great.  I can't find my Grow/Visa debit card.  Again.  I'm always misplacing that damn thing.  And I sorta need it.

Sep. 7th, 2011

Parenthood Joel Julia

Si Paloma

I really want to make an actual fanmix to be apart of my Inspirational Big Bang at tvrealm. But I don't really know how to upload music and things like that. As I've mentioned before Jason is a bit paranoid about that type of stuff and refuses to teach/help/do it for me. In the past I'd just link the song from youtube (it's amazing what people upload!) but for this big bang I have a feeling only actual downloadable links will be acceptable. I got awhile to figure it out.

We are EXTREMELY behind in the gateteam challenge thing over at stargateland. On challenge 3 when it appears the other teams are in double digits (or close to) for their challenges. The thing is I could easily finish this challenge all by myself and get things moving a bit. But would that be fair? It's suppose to be a team effort so how would me writing 16 of the 18 6-word fics be fair? Two other members have written for 2. Yet we do need to get a move on things and being patient and waiting for others to give it a go could take awhile. Plus I'm off today with no plans.

Ultimately I'm really not the best team player. I either overtake things or don't do anything because I figure the other members of the team have a handle on things.

*Edit* Yippee I'm not the only one!

Sep. 6th, 2011

Firefly Jayne

What's shaking?

Three busted bottles of apple cidar vinegar.
One busted gallon of milk.

Wish I had something with a two.  Oh wait I do!  

Two carts of groceries I helped move from receiving to the floor because five members of the truck crew were off/called off/etc.

That was my night!
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