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Real life Tree

January 2015




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Real life Tree

A Year Of Film

Movies Watched From 12/24/2012 to 12/24/2013.
AKA Movies I Watch During The Year I'm 30.

I always tell myself I'll do this each year and yet I never do. But going give it a good try. Will I keep up? Will I get bored? Will I document everything? Only time will tell.

I was going to set a goal, I couldn't figure out a good number. It should be noted I am ushually more of a TV watcher so originally when I was planning the number goal it was quite low. Perhaps too slow, hence why I have decided to skip that part.

To be listed it must be new to me. Simple as that. Watched from start to end. Again pretty simple.

Scale system 1-5. 1: I hated it and barely was able to finish. 5: I loved it and could/might/will watch over and over.

In Order I Watched
12/28: Craigslist Joe - 3
12/30: Fever Pitch (with Collin Firth) - 2
1/20: Jesus Henry Christ - 5
1/21: The Black Balloon - 4
1/22: Pumpkin - 2
1/22: The Switch - 2 and a half
1/23: Sleeping Beauty (not the animated film) - 1
1/25: Heartlands - 2 and a half
1/26: Lars And The Real Girl - 5
1/27: Nowhere Boy - 2
1/28: The Fall - 3
1/28: Hugo - 4

In Order Of Preference
Lars And The Real Girl
Jesus Henry Christ
The Black Balloon
The Fall
Craigslist Joe
The Switch
Nowhere Boy
Fever Pitch
Sleeping Beauty



Leave them if you wish.
I strted using Letterboxd this year for my movie list (well, still using LJ as wlel) and I love it. If you think that'd help with you keeping the list up and such, do tell (and drop me your preferred email) and I can give you an invite.

As for rec... give me a genre and I'll rec you movies!
But first: The Fall, always recommend that. Oh and Hero by Zhang Yimou (think the original title is Ying Xiong). It's Chinese and one of the most gorgeous movies I've watched (then The Fall came a long, which is also one of the most gorgeous movies ever made)
That site looks really awesome! Thank you so very much. My email is tabetha.hicks@gmail.com

Far as genres go I tend to like indie, drama, rom-com, historical. But really if the plot grabs me I'll try just about anything.
Invitation has bene sent!

Oh it's always so hard to rec things. I don't know what to pick!
But let's try.

Last year I was very happily surprised by You Instead (also known as tonight You're Mine). I got it due to one of the actors and thought I wouldn' like it, ended up loving it. It's a romantic indie, I suppose romantic drama comedy? I dunno. Filmed during a music festival and over 4 days. A bit different form your regular romcoms.

As for other romantic movies some of my favourites are Shelter, Imagine Me & You, Life As We Know It, Touch of Pink (I'd think the last one would be indie too... also I just realised 1, 2 and 4 are all gay. Yep.) Oh, and Stardust. That really was my go to movie for a while, for those days I felt really icky (like when I was sick).

As for historical I really recommend Hua Mulan. It's Chinese, and based on the legend of Mulan. Nothing like the Disney movie. More what you'd expect it to be if it was reals. She's a soldier, so it's basically war war death death paaaaain. I think I've never cried as much to a movie. It's gorgeous.

I think I watched Pope Joan around the same time as Hua Mulan. Quite liked that too. Also painful. Historical movie as well. (I think it's usually labeled as Die Päpstin since it's a mostly German production, but they speak English in it *shrug*)

And finally for historical, Hysteria. Bit later. And I loved it. Compared to the other two which are heavy on the drama this is much more fun.

If you want some very special drama I'd like to recommend The Nines.

And I think that's it for now haha. If you want me to tell you about any of the movies, or why I liked them. Say so. No need for me to write a lot when you might already have seen them or at least heard of them.

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